2. Discovering Munich

Many traditions and celebrations are still completely unkown outside Munich. I.e. in mid-July 15000 locals meet at 6 o´clock in the morning for the "Kocherlball". It originates in a dance of the domestic servants at the turn of the century, who at that time could only celebrate before work started. Also during Fasching (carnival) one likes to remind of the "Good Old Times". In a large parade in July, heritage clubs from all over Bavaria wear their traditional costumes. At the same time Munich is both modern and open-minded. Whoever is different from the rest shows it on Christopher Street Day. When the Oktoberfest starts, the keepers of the big beer tents move through the City on their sumptuously decorated horse-drawn carriages, being welcomed and applauded by the people. For some guys the Eisbach is what Hawaiian beaches are for others. The Theatron is an open air stage. Munich based bands perform free concerts here. Folks who are into arts find a lot to see - even in everyday life. And the Glockenspiel, admired by Tourists at noontime, plays in the evenings as well - when the Münchner Kindl is put to sleep. << back